Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Audiobook

Road Warrior – Enemy of the World – Book 1 of Main Character conceals his Strength (A Dark Dream Litrpg Series) Audiobook

Audiobook Download - Enemy of the World - Book 1 of Main Character hides his Strength (A Dark Fantasy Litrpg Series) by [Road Warrior, Edward Ro, Minsoo Kang]

Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Audiobook


The iron entrances on the walls surrounding the plaza opened, and an alienesque animal twitched with. A male with especially great view talked uncomfortably.

The male’s presumption was right. Nonetheless, there was no other manner in which something as easy as that would definitely appear in the Blanche Plaza. What had actually genuinely appeared was a Male- Consuming Mantis, standing at the elevation of a male. There was a swarm of them numbering in the hundreds.

” Presently! Trashy people! Defense are going to start appearing. Pick one! Battle or run! If you do refrain from doing either kekeke! You can just let on your own be taken in!”.

The Homunculi began dancing as they mocked the Summoned. The crowd stayed still, uncertain of what to do. However Sungchul was various. Without revealing any type of specific feeling, he patiently waited for the arrival of the weapons. A used blade all of an abrupt appeared in the air.
It had actually been 4 days thinking about that the mass setting in motion, and an undesirable energy was circling around the Blanche plaza. 1500 people were active cooking in the stink of decomposing flesh with no food or water. There were no discussions, simply constant glares from throughout the plaza.

The audio of plastic rustled from one edge of the plaza. A number of hundred sets of eyes shot in the instructions of the male that was pulling something from his garments. It was just an uninhabited cigarette container.

The male preserved asking with hollow eyes even as his voice grew tight. A couple of of the guys standing surrounding spat out profanities as they began beating him up. Nobody attempted to stop them, along with not even his pitiful screams can stimulate any kind of sort of response.

After the whipping was finished, the male continued murmuring as he lay on the ground.

Sungchul instantly determined the face. It was the face of the idiotic person who had actually requested for some cigarettes on the really first day. Taking a look at the male’s rugged nose and his bruised eyes, he estimated that the male had 2 much more days left at the majority of, or most likely he would not likewise last the night. His spirit seemed far more dead than his body was.

Sungchul just valued simply how to perfect invest his time here; he refocused his mind on his goals.

‘ In the end, I actually did not make sure of to find any kind of Concealed Objectives.’.

There weren’t any longer occasions of the Preselected after they left the Forsaken Sanctuary. It was completely versus his expectations; he had actually wanted that a couple of of the Preselected would be called away one at a time, nevertheless none of them had in fact moved discreetly. The most he might do was watch on what they did throughout the day.

They had in fact taken control of the northern edge of the plaza and likewise the training center situated there. The Preselected were within, training with the strategy and turning dummies. There were likewise common individuals that were targeting at and likewise buffooning them as if they were crackpots.

” Tsk tsk. There’s absolutely nothing to consume, and likewise they’re just misusing their power. They’re simply asking to die quicker.”.

These individuals were just unconcerned. The Preselected would quickly grow strong within the training center.

” Haha, the audio of your punch on the dummy is winding up being crisp! Just how much strength do you have presently?”.

A little, yet unique distinction was beginning to grow. This would definitely wind up being a crucial element to them throughout the future predicament.

Sungchul thoughtlessly punched a dummy in the corner of the training center along with continued with his eavesdropping. There were 2 individuals worth taking notification of in this group.

Yuhoon Lee: A natural- born leader whose wit may appeal anybody combined with a peaceful voice that likewise a commentator would long for.

And Later On Ahram Park: He had in fact gotten here especially likewise on his very first day, along with exposed himself to be backed by amongst one of the most effective factions. He had in fact presently confirmed his authority over the Drill Sergeant and was additional noteworthy than the previous due to his effective history. The chances of him being offered a Hidden Mission was rather big. The concern was, Ahram appeared to be additional curious about his sex- associated conquests than any type of training.

” Do you have a partner? It appears like you might have one … yet perhaps not any longer? Keke.”.

He didn’t even act to be training. He avoided any type of type of labor, consisting of striking the dummies and likewise had in fact become a lot more of a trouble with his limitless supply of choice- up lines. The females that had an interest in the starting due to his reliable fan and fashionably late entryway rapidly lost interest as an outcome of his lecherous and stubborn frame of mind.

He was eventually turned away by all of the Preselected women along with presently turned to women outside of the group. Their faces all looked broken and likewise despondent, however some still kept some of their previous sophistication. He drooled lecherously as he held his projects under his arms.

Sungchul believed that Ahram appeared like an animal in warm, secured a cage; he forecasted that Ahram would definitely develop a significant occasion in not also long run. Sungchul actually did not need to wait on long. Ahram entrusted a rather young thing past the wall, nevertheless he returned alone. Simply Sungchul understood what had actually genuinely happened.

Within a separated area covered in foliage, there was the stays of a naked woman. Sungchul acknowledged it without revealing feeling. There was a distinct handprint around her neck; she had actually passed away from asphyxiation. The most incriminating product of proof was the small little blood and likewise skin deep-rooted underneath her nails. Couple of projects were left next to the body as if to simulated the victim.

He had in fact truly felt that Ahram was twisted from the start, however being given a lot authority so quickly may simply make points even worse. That acknowledged the number of much more would definitely be quit. It depended upon Sungchul to find a chance to put an end to this.

‘ I require to establish some sort of unique experience for him and his Guide.’.

Sungchul closed the female’s eyes that were exposed iced up in stress and anxiety, and likewise silently murmured under his breath.

He avoided from the female and likewise put the threats of the dark forest behind him.

After sunset, the Preselected would gather beyond the wall surface areas to consume their food while resting on the forest floor covering. The arrangements they ‘d been offered by the Drill Sergeant simply included stagnant bread and little beads that would become a mouthful of water when put into their mouth. It wasn’t tasty, however it was still something valuable. They were the just ones among the 1500 that would have the ability to take in something in this.